A thousand words

A thousand words


Yvonne Kenny. Me.


5 thoughts on “A thousand words

  1. Wow! Thanks for posting this picture.
    You’re doing the reserved rapture thing very well. This is the photograph where my eyes bug out of my head shouting, “look how happy I am world!”
    I have to say, your choice is a much more photogenic one.

  2. Hi Sarah
    Nice picture…good cropping too 😉
    Excellent review of Widow btw. I think you are spot on about all of it actually. We are going to be sorry to see the show go to be honest – it has been such fun and he cast is a lot of fun at the after shows too.
    Still, Rigoletto and Queen of Spades in a week and a half so back to death and misery!

  3. Thanks all for celebrating with me.
    As far as details, well, I don’t know. There aren’t a great many. The setup at Holland Park means cast members come out to the foyer bar after every performance so I was able to speak with after all three. She’s even lovelier offstage than on, all I could hope for and more. Every moment with her I treasure forever.

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