That meme

That meme

Mezzogregory has passed the music meme baton to me, and I’m only too happy to oblige. Memes, so they say, are for fifteen year old girls. Well it’s not that long since I was a fifteen year old girl, so I can participate guilt-free. Here goes.

Total volume of music on your computer?

2.98GB. Which isn’t much apparently. And that’s everything – not just opera but also Marlene, Judy, Dusty, Petula, Ella, Catherine Deneuve et al. Most of my CDs remain as CDs – the music on my computer was acquired by other means.

Last CD you bought?

The last two CDs I bought came together via Trademe: a Nozze di Figaro highlights disc with Karita Mattila, Marie McLaughlin, Lucio Gallo and others, conducted by Zubin Mehta; and Opera Pieces, a CD by Simon O’Neill and Ursula Allan, who were Victoria University’s Tower Opera Scholars. It’s, shall we say, underwhelming. However even more recently I picked up a stack of LPs at the Regent Theatre’s 24 Hour 2nd hand book sale:
Marian Anderson, Songs at Eventide; Kathleen Ferrier, Songs of the British Isles; Leontyne Price, Christmas Songs; Des Knaben Wunderhorn with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf & Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau; Beverly Sills in Traviata; Joan Sutherland Sings Handel; and a Carmen starring Amazing Grace. Now I really must get the record player fixed…

Song currently playing?

‘O, jag’ dem Glück nicht nach’ from Kalman’s Die Csardasfürstin. I bought this in Auckland in April and still haven’t heard it all the way through. But it came with a sticker on the cover which really ought to be attached to my heart as well –


She’s so good…and so bad for me…

Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me?

"Mesiku na nebi hlubokem", Rusalka’s Song to the Moon, performed by Lucia Popp. Lucia occupies a very special place in my heart. Beyond criticism, beyond fleeting fixations, beyond words. My love for Lucia is unconditional, and I listen to her as I listen to no other singer. Nobody has been more important in the formation of my devotion to opera. And when she sings this aria the world stops.

"Dear Mr Gable (You Made Me Love You)", performed by Judy Garland. The beauty and talent of this woman will never be equalled. I could have chosen any song. But it’s all there in this one: the humour, the sensitivity, the vulnerability and above all, the incredible voice. (Plus, I can recite the spoken section by heart. My one and only talent.)

"Baby Now That I’ve Found You", performed by Alison Krauss. Alison is the only living, working, non-classical singer to inspire true devotion in me. Straight from heaven. She is sublime. This is the title track of the CD which introduced me to Alison many many years ago. You cannot hear it and fail to fall in love with her.

"Beim Schlafengehen", from Richard Strauss’ Vier Letzte Lieder. Performed by n’importe qui. Just looking at the music for it is almost enough.

"Mach dich, mein Herze, rein" from Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. Shattering, and perfect.

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton?

I fear I’m just setting myself up to be ignored, but… Joanna, Victoria, Patty, Rich Russell, and any of the blogless who’d care to leave their responses in the comments!


8 thoughts on “That meme

  1. Staffetta

    Il Piccolo Chettimar mi chiama in causa, ed io, sollecita come mio solito [*partono risate registrate*], tempestivamente rispondo:
    1. Volume totale dei file musicali:
    Sull’hard disk, sommando entrambi i computer, solo 64GB. Sull’iPod mini (ma moo…

  2. 1.) Total volume of music on your computer?
    3.09MB, about 2.3 days worth. Completely classical, about 1/3 vocal (eight complete operas [Tannhäuser, Boris Godunov, Die Zuaberflöte, Carmen, La Traviata, Rigoletto, Thaïs, and Pagliacci], highlights from six more [Manon Lescat, La Bohème, Tosca, Il trittico: Sour Angelica, Madama Butterfly, Turandot (All from a ‘Best of Puccini CD)]), and Carmina Burana.
    2.) Last CD you bought?
    I bought three at once. Carmen (Bernstein, Horne, McCraken), a Turandot (I forget whom), and a Shostakovich CD.
    3.) Song currently playing?
    Concerto No. 3 in G minor: ‘Grave,’ Georg Frederich Handel
    4.) Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me?
    1. “Dank, deiner Huld!,” from Tannhäuser, it’s part of the Hymn to Venus. (Peter Seiffert)
    2. “Beglueckt darf nun dich, O Heimat, ich schauen,” or the Pilgrims’ Chorus from Tannhüaser. (Jane Eaglen, Thomas Hamson, Chor der Deutschen Staatsoper Berlin [Chorus of the German State Opera of Berlin])
    3. “O du mein holder Abendstern,” The Hymn to the Evening Star, from (you guessed it… Tannhäuser. (Thomas Hampson)
    4. “C’est toi, mon père !,” the last scene of Thaïs. (Reneé Fleming [who I personally feel is a bit overrated], and Thomas Hampson)
    5. “Vesti la giubba,” from Pagliacci, (Jussi Björling)
    5.) Five people to whom I’m passing the baton?
    Hmm, I’ll have to ask a lot of people.

  3. Like Queen Victoria when told of her ascension, “I will be good”, even though I feel an utter n00b at this.
    Thanks Sarah and JSU — you know I am SO nominating you immediately. *g*
    Saturday’s blogpost about music coming up!

  4. FREAKY! Three of the five songs you mentioned—Mesicku na nebi hlubokem, Baby Now That I’ve Found You, and Mache dich, mein Herze, rein—have been super-persistent earworms for me at one point or another. And not just in my head! I used to walk down the street making up Czech singing Rusalka’s song, but of course in bass clef. (I’m much better suited for the St. Matthew, obv.) Baby, Now That I’ve Found You I can listen to 10 times in a row, and have in fact done so on numerous occasions over the past 3 or 4 years. And then there’s Beim Schlafengehen, which just came up on shuffle (Jessye). No joke, sometimes I do just sit around looking at the score.

  5. When Memes Attack

    Aaaaghhhh, I’ve been slimed by a meme! Resistance is futile, though—at heart, I’m basically a 15-year-old girl who totally gets off on online quizzes and the like. Total volume of music on your computer? My, how the world has changed.

  6. Sarah,
    You do us all well by including Judy. Re: Yvonne..”she’s so good…and so bad for me…”. Truer words have never been spoken. The addiction to the diva who has called to us to life is both invigorating and draining. But the diva demands it and we are so happy to fulfill them. So much so that there is a diva autobiography entitled “Such Sweet Compulsion”. Oh, ’tis twoo, ’tis twoo!

  7. Sam – thanks for responding! You’re the only one so far – so I no longer feel completely ignored!
    Victoria – eagerly anticipating your certain-to-be-fascinating response. And I’m glad you’re nominating JSU, that will be another must-read.
    M.C- I suspected a psychic musical bond between us when I saw La Alison turning up in your In Rotation list; glad to see I was not mistaken.
    Gregory- Vielen Dank. Alison’s presence comes at a price – I had to drop Cecilia’s ‘Bel raggio lusinghier’, also very important in the development of my devotion (to Cecilia and opera generally). But sacrifices must be made! Judy was always secure, naturally. Love that girl more than words can express.

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