Benvenuti tutti

Benvenuti tutti

Renata   Renee_2Here it is: the blog reborn. And thus I’m marking the occasion with photos of Renata and Renée. I’d have brought in a German representative too, but somehow ‘Wiedergeboren’ hasn’t taken off as a name. (Yes, I’m having some linguistic fun. Try not to groan too loudly.)

So welcome to the new-look, new-location blog. Let me show you around a little. To your right you’ll notice some rather pretty lists of books and music. The temptation of lists like these, with the very classy thumbnails, was one of the major reasons I moved here. As you can see, there’s a list of the CDs I’m listening to frequently, and one of books I’m reading/want to read/am about to read. There’s also a list of other blogs, which I never quite got around to organising on the old blog. They’re all excellent reading, and I present you with the hope that you’ll try not to abandon me when you see what better pickings are on offer. I’m also planning to take advantage of the categories feature, if I can remember to use it.

Also, two new ideas:

1. Antologia. I’m rather excited about this, and can only hope that I’ll manage to maintain it. The idea is this: a collection of various things operatic: photos, artworks, poetry, quotations – anything I happen to come across, really. And I’ll try and mention updates in here as well. Just a little something fun, I thought.

2. ‘Now playing’. A sort of half-sister to ‘CD du jour’, which I started some time ago and then abandoned. There’ll be no comments or reviewing, just a line at the end of every post telling you what pleasure is invading eye and/or ear at that particular moment.

Otherwise, I imagine things will be much the way they were at Blogger, but with better colours and some pretty pictures. I hope it all works; I rather like my new home. So what do you think? Have I done the right thing? Best to say yes, I’m paying good money for this…

Now playing: ‘Sarabande’. Patricia Wright. Twenty One Songs by Arnold Bax.


3 thoughts on “Benvenuti tutti

  1. Yeah, good transition!
    Are we meant to hear the ‘Now playing’ thing..? ‘Cause I don’t…
    I’m reading (on-and-off) the Jerome Hines book. Don’t know if I find it THAT useful personally, but it is interesting!

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